Thank you to our generous supporters for helping us complete the film!  Whether it was cash, time, archival footage, coffee, or a couch to crash on for the night, we are eternally grateful. It was an amazing 18-month journey and we couldn't have done it without you. -Jacob & Cameron

Rock Star supports:

Matt & Kelly DeFilippis, Betty & Andy Bargerstock, Roy Berry, Grace Boyle, Peggy & Garry Powers, Kat Rorison, Sloan Simpson, John Britt, Michael Bailey, Lenora Boyle, Ruthie Bargerstock, Nancy Bargerstock & Greg Simmons, Russ Goerend, Grant Nelson & Sheena Seibert-Nelson, Al & Myrna Putz, Heather Reid, Erika & Nick Roa, Mildred Rosdail, Ruth & Jay Rosdail, Tom & GIna Rosdail, Bruce & Michele Sorrell, Ashley Weets, Dolores & Harold Weets, Mike & Bonnie Weets, Allison Woodward

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