Adam Musick had two dreams in life. His first dream was to make a living playing music. The other dream was to live off the land. Adam is a man of two worlds. He is a hog farmer tied to his Appalachian farmland. He is a gifted musician and songwriter that found some success in the Athens, Georgia rock scene in the early 2000’s. Adam attracted the attention of Subpop Records. They wanted to sign Adam. But Adam had something else in mind.

After a decade of aggressively chasing the rock n’ roll dream, Adam returned to the Virginia countryside of his youth to begin farming on the land his family has owned for more than a century.

With a wild head of auburn hair, weathered skin and scruffy beard patched with grey, the farming lifestyle has hardened 34-year old Adam and music is a distant memory. Adam hasn’t written a song in 5 years

But things have changed. Adam hungers for music again and plans to return to the unfinished solo album he left on the shelf six years ago.

MUSICKLAND is a one-hour documentary film about Adam Musick’s one-year effort to return to music on his own terms. This is a story about second chances. Adam’s journey to reconcile his relationship to music becomes a journey of realizing where he belongs and what’s worth saving in his life. 

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Past Screenings


Macon Film Festival, July 17-19 / Macon, Georgia

Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival, April 17-18 2015 / Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Princeton Film Festival, March 19-29 2015 / Princeton, New Jersey


River Run Film Festival , April 17-26, 2014 / Winston-Salem, North carolina

On Location: Memphis International and Music Festival, April 24-27 2014 / Memphis, Tennessee 

Community Screening, November 7, 2013 / Winston-Salem, North Carolina 

Krankies community screening: 

Directors Jacob Rosdail and Cameron Bargerstock at community screening

Directors Jacob Rosdail and Cameron Bargerstock at community screening

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All about the details

Wooden Pig Award

Wooden Pig Award